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  • 5 years ago

    Easily bookmark and organize webpages

    Must See Websites | 5647 Views

    Exclusive website for Indian Business. Add, watch, and discuss about Indian business. Let The World Know About Your Business Publicize yourself, tell others about your services or your start-up business. Submit your business here!

    Easily bookmark and organize webpages, Online Bookmarking and Annotation.



    1. Capture and markup screenshots
    2. More easily add highlights, especially multi-color highlights
    3. Access cached versions of web pages you bookmarked
    4. Easily add pages to read later (and optionally close the page automatically)
    5. Save images from webpages as part of a bookmark or as a separate item
    6. Support keyboard shortcuts
    7. Just bookmark the link
    8. Save the page itself
    9. Capture screenshot
    10. Add highlights and sticky notes
    11. Save images on the page

    Visit bookmark tool

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